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About Us

HeavenSound Harmony is a southern gospel singing ministry from the East Texas area that brings years of experience to gospel music! They feature Southern and Country gospel music rich in the message of Jesus Christ. The group was started in 2022 out of a vision its three members had before the pandemic.
Steven Berry (right) sings tenor for the group and is our resident armed forces veteran, having actively served this country from 1992 until 1996 in the military and until 2000 in the active reserves. He has sung gospel music for two decades with Ransomed and continues to sing in that ministry as well. Steve has dedicated his life to consistent ministry for Christ, promoting all that Christ has to offer through his gifts of song and testimony.
Eddie Offield (left) sings lead for the group and he is somewhat new to the Southern gospel music scene; yet he brings years of musical experience from the church and the music scene in general. He was born in Longview, Texas, where a family from a local church started taking him to their church. Eddie discovered that he loved worship music and dedicated himself to it. People around him began to realize he had a talent for singing and started nurturing him to do more. Today, Eddie gives his all to the ministry of gospel music, where he's found a home with HeavenSound Harmony.
John Graves (centered) sings baritone for the group and has almost 50 years of ministry in gospel music. His desire to reach the lost and encourage believers through the ministry of his music and testimony continues to inspire him to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone he meets. He recorded his first LP at the age of six and has since recorded twelve projects with various groups. He has ministered in many local and regional churches, at festivals and home-goings, onstage at Southern Gospel Music Fan Fair and in many National Quartet Convention showcases. In 2013, he helped to revive the group Birthright, where he sang until the group retired in early 2022.
Together, HeavenSound Harmony brings tight harmonies and rich traditions of gospel music heritage to every concert with a unique program of spiritual encouragement to your congregation that will have audiences sitting on the edge of their seats!